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Painting & Decorating – Water based paint finish on woodwork


Painting and decorating can be disruptive. 
When deciding to redecorate you may want to select a paint finish that will reduce the time it takes to redecorate, at the same time reducing the odour of paint in your environment. 


We would like to bring to your attention water based paint finishes on woodwork.   We tried and tested it for our clients, we know our clients expect and get a very good standard of finish. 
Oil based wood paint finish products

Pros: Oil based wood finish products always provided durability, and streak free finish. 

Cons: Long drying time, smell left in the air considerable time after work finished. 

Water based wood paint finish products

Pros: Quick drying, environment-friendly solution, minimising discomfort caused by redecoration. 

Water-based products have been used more and more widely in the recent years, with their quicker drying times and lower odour providing higher customer satisfaction.  Some customers used to the older, oil based products which gave good top coat finish, with high sheen levels and lower likelihood of brush marks.  Painters a

nd decorators like oil based products exactly for that reason.

We tested and tried water based products and can vouch for the final finish. We cannot compromise on quality since we know that our clients expect and should be given a high-quality finish.  That’s why we have introduced Dulux Trade Quick Dry – a new water-based trim paints range that delivers productivity and a high-quality, professional finish.

Benefits for our clients include:

    • Enhancing the working environment, due to lower VOCs and minimal odour


    • Similar application properties to solvent-based products


    • Customers can return to the site on the same day as application


    • Durability


  • Beautiful, professional finish

Cons:  We’re still looking!

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